Ocoya API
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Getting started

General information about the API

About the API

Ocoya API was designed to streamline your organic social media management from one place. You can create draft posts, schedule them, generate AI copy and more.
Our API is RESTful, fully-featured, and easy to integrate with. You can use your favorite HTTP/REST library that is available for your programming language to make HTTP calls. You must send json payloads in your requests and expect to get json responses. Don't forget to add these headers to each and every request.
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json
Use the following base URL for all API endpoints (subject to change):
v1 API

API flow

The steps below explain the flow of how API requests are handled and how you should be making requests and getting responses back.
Step 1 - Authenticate
Every request must be authenticated, and is rate limited. You must send your API key as part of every request.
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Step 2 - Send request
Send requests to one of our endpoints providing the required parameters (if mandatory). If sending payloads, we only accept those in a json format.
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Step 3 - Get response
Get responses from one of our endpoints. We will always send responses in a json format.
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All requests use the latest version which is indicated in the base URL of the API. We will keep older the API versions live as long as we can but that is subject to change. So we highly advise you to always use the latest version officially available.

Terms of service

Before implementing any integration or using our API, please make sure you're familiar with our terms of service.


You can use our brand assets within these guidelines.